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Woman Gives Birth To Twins In Casket After Being Buried Alive


Jacksonville, Florida – Two twin newborn girls are recovering from a very bizarre situation. Anna Duncan, 37 from Jacksonville, Florida, gave birth to two twin girls after she was buried alive while pregnant.

Clyde and Martha Harris, the parents of Jerry Harris, were mourning what they assumed to be the body of their recently deceased their son. The Harris family were paying their last respects to their family member when the most shocking situation occurred at the funeral. According to authorities, this was the most bizarre occurrence they had ever witnessed. Reportedly, the family of the assumed deceased heard the cries of newborn babies about 10 minutes after the casket was lowered into the ground.

“After the casket was lowered into the grave, everyone who attended the funeral paid the last respects and tossed flowers into the grave. My wife and I, along with a few others, decided to stick around and chat with each other before departing the cemetery. As we were standing over the grave, we heard crying. We looked around to see if it was someone near us. Doug, my brother and Jerry’s Uncle, asked me if I heard the crying but we couldn’t figure out where it was coming from,” said Clyde Harris. “My brother got closer to the grave and that is when he realized the noise was coming from the grave. We immediately called the staff of the cemetery to lift the casket out of the grave,” added Mr. Harris.

The police and fire department were called to the scene to assist. When the casket was lifted from the grave, the cries got louder and everyone heard banging inside of the casket. The casket was pried open by firefighters where they discovered Anna Levingston and two newborn twin girls inside.

According to official reports, authorities stated the discovery was a twisted plot to cover up an attempted murder crime. The original coffin of the deceased was switched last minute before the funeral with the body, who was later discovered to be the wife of the funeral director, Michael Levingston. According to police, Levingston attempted to murder his estranged wife by burying her alive after finding out she got pregnant from an affair. Levingston had given his wife a sedative, temporarily making Rachael Levingston unconscious. The coffin was switched right before the casket was brought to the grave site. Jerry Harris, the body that was supposed to be buried, was found in a storage closet.

Anna Levingston and her two newborn twin girls are in stable condition. Michael Levingston is begin held on $1 Million bond and faces attempted murder charges. The Jacksonville family has properly buried their son.